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What Rockefeller Habits are you developing?

Verne Harnish, in Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It . . . and Why the Rest Don’t, spends some time applying the Rockefeller Habits to organizational growth and function.  If you are familiar with and are implementing the Rockefeller Habits in your own organization, would you share how your are doing so?  Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Are You Where You Fit?

We all function best when we are in the place where we best fit.  So the question for you is two-fold: Are you where you best fit? How do you know?  Share your thoughts in the comment box.

What Has Shaped Your Leadership Purpose?

There are a myriad of styles, methods, theories, and examples of leadership, and those that resonate most with us often do so because of how they connect to our experiences.   In our leadership development, we are shaped by our past experiences and influences and by what we choose to learn, which in turn has a great effect on our purpose and on how we lead. In your own practice, what do you think has helped to shape your purpose, and in turn, your leadership?  Please share in the comment box below.

What Do You Think . . . Does character really matter?  


I have witnessed people in leadership demonstrating both great integrity and character, and a lack of it; I’m sure you have as well. I don’t think there can be any doubt that character really matters in leadership, because I have seen the impact of both. But what about you? Do you think that character really matters? Why? Please share your experiences in the comment box below.

What Do You Think? . . . How did you make things right?

Have you every messed up?  I mean, really messed up? When that happens, it’s hard to admit it, but that’s usually the first step in making things right again.  So, how about it – when you messed up, what did you do to make things right? Please share your responses in the comment box below.

What Do You Think? . . . How important is organizational culture?

I learned the hard way the importance of understanding an organization’s culture in order to be an effective leader. Out of my experience, I changed some of my practice, and learned to listen to people in order to understand the culture. For me, this has become one of my personal foundational leadership attributes. What about you? Have you found that understanding organizational culture is important? Share your thoughts or an illustration in the comment box below.