“Leadership Excellence” by Pat Williams

Leadership Excellence, Williams, coverRecently, my older brother Kel told me about hearing Pat Williams speak, and asked me if I had read his recent book, “Leadership Excellence.” Williams had referred to the book in his speech, and my brother thought it sounded it like it might be a good read, so he asked for my thoughts. So, I got a copy and read it, and my conclusion is that “Leadership Excellence” is an excellent book on leadership.


In the book, Williams talks about “seven sides of leadership,” seven characteristics that embody good leadership: vision, communication, people skills, character, competence, boldness, and a serving heart. In describing and explaining each of these, he uses an abundance of examples and illustrations to make his points, but what I most appreciated was the practical nature of what he had to say. He took a “real-life” approach to leadership, and focused on the observable characteristics that effective leaders can all recognize as important for leadership.


I found myself identifying with the lessons he gave, and seeing clearly how I can, should, and do apply those principles. It’s another book that I would definitely recommend, especially for anyone looking for basic, practical guidelines on the attributes and skills of leadership that are most important.

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