The idea of leadership can be very overwhelming and intimidating, with many different approaches and views on how to do it well.  However, there is also a good deal of common sense involved in effective leadership.  Successful and effective leaders will look for and identify the principles and practices that work – what makes sense – and why they specifically work in their organizational cultures, and then do those things.  Simply put, “common sense leaders” understand and apply simple principles and practices of effective leadership that make sense.

With that understanding, the purpose of this website is to therefore be a resource of principles and practices that make sense.  It will include “Simple and Sensible” posts that describe or explain some common sense leadership ideas; memorable and valuable quotes (“Quotable”); questions that I ask of the readers (“What Do You Think?”); and summaries, descriptions, and thoughts on different leadership theories and resources (“Summaries and Reviews”). And because of my Christian faith and ardent belief in the value and application of biblical principles to leadership, it will also include “Leadership Lessons from the Bible.”

You can be a common sense leader, with leadership that makes sense!

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