In the many decisions that you make every day, there are actions you can take and words you can use that are simple (and often minor) communication and relationship practices which you as a leader can do – intentionally – that will enhance your leadership effectiveness.  Be intentional.  Whatever you are doing or saying, make sure it is on purpose.

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  1. Shawn M Clay says:

    Hello Dr. McMaster,
    I appreciate your commitment to leadership development and training. You have been a source of inspiration for me throughout my doctoral journey. I wanted to reach out to you earlier, however, I have found it difficult to find time and words to adequately express my sincere appreciation.
    I am currently completing my dissertation, and I had thought it best to contact you upon completion of the research project.
    After reading this post and considering the importance of your insight I have reconsidered.
    Again I thank you for your leadership training. I have gained a great deal of insight from your research.
    Shawn M.Clay

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