What Do You Think? . . . What happens when you listen?

Our decisions do not take place in a vacuum. Any decision that we make in our organization, whether it is small or large, has an effect on others. It could be something as simple as conducting a survey about a specific department, or as complex as developing a major strategic plan. In any case, people are impacted. I have been guilty of forgetting to keep that in mind when I am doing something that I genuinely believe is good and necessary for the organization, and in those times I have sometimes neglected to include others. In doing so, I learned that when people are not given a voice, they tend to resist or resent what I am doing. I wonder what has been your experience? In your leadership, what has happened when you failed to give people a voice? Or, from a positive experience, what has happened when you gave people a voice? Please share in the comment box below.


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