What Do You Think . . . Where have you seen one of these principles in action?

Kouzes & Posner’s book, The Leadership Challenge, describes five practices of effective leadership:

  • Model the Way: be a model of the behavior you expect from others, with clear consistency between words and deeds
  • Inspire a Shared Vision: imagine the future, and then enlist people in that vision, with an understanding and consideration of their needs
  • Challenge the Process: be willing to change the status quo and adopt innovation, recognizing that experimentation, risk, and failure comes with change
  • Enable Others to Act: foster collaboration and trust, empowering and making it possible for others to do good work
  • Encourage the Heart: demonstrate genuine acts of caring to uplift people and show appreciation, drawing them forward

What is an example of a time when you saw one of these principles in action? Please share in the comment box below.


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